About Us

Lindbeck’s Butchery aims to source and supply the highest quality meat products available. We are one of only a few butcher shops that still use whole carcasses, which we select, dry age, dissect and present for our customer’s meal requirements. We pride ourselves in knowing our products, and being able to offer the right advice to provide our customers with what will make meals of the highest quality.


Lindbeck’s Butchery has thrived by listening to what our customers want. From the days in the 1960’s where there were 22 Butcher shops in Queanbeyan; only three now remain. We have based our existence on providing our customers with the best we can source. We have great pride in the products we present and while we have moved with the times, our shop still adheres to the old fashion ideals of quality, service and advice.


Lindbeck’s Butchery also has oven roaster hire available, for your special occasions. Our sausages are all made on the premises, with a range of over 30 different varieties. We use only natural sausage skins and have gluten free, and gluten and preservative free sausages always available. We assist families with their special dietary requirements and are sensitive to their needs regarding allergies.


We have condiments, sauces and gourmet spices to assist people in the preparations of their meals. Lindbeck’s Butchery cures (pickles) meat in the old fashioned method that has not changed in over 70 years. This technique produces the most flavoursome end result possible.


We have real butchers to cater for your needs. They are well educated in the retail meat industry and are ready to provide you with the quality products you deserve. Our shop on Cooma Street, near the Showground, has parking available out the front and free local home delivery available. A range of meat packs and bulk meat discounts are available. We also provide a diverse selection of raffle trays for clubs and other organizations. We involve ourselves heavily in the local community, and believe that if we look after our community, it will look after us. Lindbeck’s Butchery has been an integral part of Queanbeyan since 1928, and looks forward to serving our community long into the future.

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